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  • Samsung: Your Boarding Pass to Innovation! ✈️

Samsung: Your Boarding Pass to Innovation! ✈️

Amazon is investing millions 💸

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Welcome to Building Blox, a newsletter dedicated to exploring the intersection of no-code and AI, and how they are transforming the world of startups. Our goal is to help you understand the power of no-code and AI and how they can be leveraged to build, scale, and grow successful startups.

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⚙️Tool of the Day

Introducing Canary Mail: Your AI Email Copilot

  • Save time & effort. Write better emails with AI.

  • Summarize long emails to get up to speed faster.

  • Offload boring work to your very own AI Copilot.

  • All your email accounts in one Unified Inbox.

  • Focus on what needs to be done with Smart Prioritization … and clear out the rest with Bulk Cleaner.

  • Know what happens after you hit send with Read Receipts.

  • Send emails at the perfect time with Send Later.

  • Pin & Snooze to keep emails top of mind, or out of sight.

  • Level up your email security. Keep the bad stuff out & the good stuff in.

  • Encrypt emails with PGP & SecureSend.

  • Privacy first. And second. No ads & no data mining.

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📰 Amazon is investing millions in training an ambitious large language model, hoping it could rival top models from OpenAI and Alphabet.

📰 Samsung researchers focus on the expansion of generative AI.

📰 Meta bars political advertisers from using generative AI ads tools.

📰 Shein reportedly seeks $90 billion valuation in IPO.

💡 How To Build A Chain Prompt With Example

1. Insert the first prompt:

Give me a summary of this document (insert or copy-paste document text]

2. Modify the output:

Use the summary above and write a 500-word piece that explains the topic to beginners

3. Modify the tone:

Change the tone of the answer above and make it sound more professional

4. Modify the format:

Convert the answer above into text for a presentation with 1 slide for each key point
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