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AI Apps topping ChatGPT's Revenues 📉

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Welcome to Building Blox, a newsletter dedicated to exploring the intersection of no-code and AI, and how they are transforming the world of startups. Our goal is to help you understand the power of no-code and AI and how they can be leveraged to build, scale, and grow successful startups.

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⚙️Tool of the Day

Voxify is an AI voice generator, that helps you create realistic, natural-sounding voice-overs in seconds: AI text to audio for anyone who needs high-quality voiceovers.

  • High-Quality: Voice-over service that produces high-quality voice-overs for all of your projects.

  • Multilingual voiceover support: Supports a wide range of languages, making it easier than ever to reach a global audience.

  • Fast Turnaround Times: Create an AI voice synthesis in seconds with artificial intelligence. Start with a free narration.

  • Customizable voiceovers: Ability to adjust the voice-over's tone, style, and pacing to fit your project's specific needs. (Soon)

  • Emotion-rich voiceovers: Bring your content to life by adding emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, and more.

  • Affordable voiceovers: Competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

💰 Free Tools

With Spring, you no longer have to wait for inspiration to strike - you can get unique packaging design ideas instantly.

Selfgazer is an AI tool that provides deep psychological insights and personal revelations through its psychological tarot readings.

PixelArt is a professional photo editing tool with powerful AI features. It allows you to remove backgrounds from photos with just one touch, making it easier to erase and replace backgrounds.

📜 Fun Fact- Test Your Knowledge

Researchers have used AI to teach robots how to play complex games like hide and seek, showcasing the versatility of AI in problem-solving. What does this highlight?

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Correct Answer in the Next Edition 

Previous Edition’s Correct Answer: Connect their applications with external services and APIs


📰 Instagram spotted developing a customizable ‘AI friend’.

📰 Facebook and Instagram launch ad-free subscription tier in EU.

📰 ChatGPT app revenue shows no signs of slowing, but some other AI apps top it.

📰 Google launches generative AI tools for product imagery to US advertisers and merchants.

💡 How To Generate Cool and Creative Ideas Using GPT-3.5

Here are several prompts you can use: 
  1. "Generate a unique concept for a futuristic city where technology and nature coexist."

  2. "Create a compelling backstory for a superhero with an unconventional power."

  3. "Design an innovative product that solves a common problem in a creative way."

  4. "Write a short story set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have adapted in surprising ways."

  5. "Imagine a new form of interactive entertainment that revolutionizes the gaming industry."

  6. "Come up with an inspiring and catchy slogan for a sustainable and eco-friendly brand."

  7. "Describe a dream vacation destination with breathtaking landscapes and thrilling activities."

  8. "Invent a new type of restaurant that offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience."

  9. "Design a logo for a cutting-edge tech startup that symbolizes innovation and progress."

  10. "Write a poem about the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos."

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